about studio carolijn slottje

about studio carolijn slottje

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We design products that aim to draw attention to the beautiful and innovative ways in which nature manifests itself. People feel better spending time in nature, but find themselves spending most of their days indoors. Let’s bring nature in.

I am Carolijn Slottje. Together with Esmee, Kim and a number of students we form Studio Carolijn Slottje. This studio creates in commission, but also designs their own product range.

When designing we love to combine craft with nature. In doing so we look at what nature has to offer, like an interesting range of materials, but also natural shapes, forms and patterns.

Our studio workplace is situated in an old industrial warehouse in the North of the Netherlands called Het Werk. This building now houses different creative entrepreneurs like artists, graphic- and interior designers, but also small bussineses in the field of manufacturing. These companies not only inspire each other, they also collaborate is projects, which is quite inspiring.


A note on why we love nature so much: We believe access to nature is vital to people. Even things like a window looking out on trees reduces stress levels. And as you might already know, plants enhance the amount or oxygen in the air which helps us to concentrate. Some plants even remove chemical vapors emitted by building materials or devices like printers.