about studio carolijn slottje

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about studio carolijn slottje

We are Studio Carolijn Slottje and we create in commission but also design our own product range. We design products that aim to draw attention to the beautiful and innovative ways in which nature manifests itself. People just feel better spending time in nature, but find themselves spending most days indoors.

We love to combine craft with nature. We like to use what nature has to offer.

The studio is situated in an old industrial warehouse in the North of the Netherlands. This building now houses different studios like artists, graphic- and interior designers but also entrepreneurs in the manufacturing sector. Creative studios not only inspire each other, but also collaborate.
Why we love to use nature in design? We believe access to nature is vital to people. People just feel better in buildings that provide enough daylight, fresh air and access to nature. Even things like a window looking out on trees reduces stress levels. And as you might already know, plants enhance the amount or oxygen in the air which helps us to concentrate. But some plants go a bit further and remove chemical vapors emitted by building materials or devices like printers. We spend more and more time indoors but still have a need for nature. Rules applied by nature can also apply to design. Like: all shapes that serve no purpose will disappear. Also nature uses the power of seduction and imagination, mostly with mutual benefit. Nature uses circular systems and has rules for proportions and repetition of shape on different scales.