News centre RTV Noord is located in an industrial building in the city of Groningen. The space where the editors held meetings, where the journalists can work and the final touches to the layout of the newspaper are being done, was practical but not inviting atmosphere. Journalists only came to work in the office just before a deadline, but preferred to work at home.

By using enlarged photos of ‘work in progress’ we made the carcter of RTV Noord and work being done visible. Groningen in the days made it’s fortune from corn trade, only reporting on news from the north of the Netherlands, we’ve made a large table for editorial meetings with a top made of bio-laminate from straw.
This biolaminate is designed by Tjeerd Veenhoven, one of the studio’s in our studio location Het Werk’.
All the desks are half separated by a wooden upright cross with power points and wi-fi. Now a journalist has a small ‘private’ office where he or she can work but also have interaction with colleagues.

Commissioned by: Radio and Television Noord (RTV Noord)
In collaboration with: Studio Martijn Westphal