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We design products that aim to draw attention to the beautiful and innovative ways in which nature manifests itself. People feel better spending time in nature, but find themselves spending most of their days indoors. Let’s bring nature back in our lives.

I am Carolijn Slottje. Together with Esmee, Kim and a number of talented students we form Studio Carolijn Slottje. As a studio we create works on commission, but we also design our own product range.

When designing we love to combine handicraft with nature. In doing so we look at what nature has to offer, like an interesting range of materials, but also natural shapes, forms and patterns.

Our studio workplace is situated in an old industrial warehouse in the North of the Netherlands called Het Werk. This building houses different creative entrepreneurs; artists, graphic- and interior designers, but also small businesses in the field of manufacturing. Not only do these companies inspire each other, they also collaborate in projects.

Why we love nature so much We believe access to nature is vital to people. We ourselves are very much a part of nature, although we sometimes forget. Being surrounded by nature and taking time to be amazed by her abilities to adept and her ways to seduce will make you appreciate your own sense being.

Looking at nature gives you peace of mind. Even a window overlooking trees can reduce stress in humans. Art and design can also lift your spirits and open your mind. This is why we love this combination.

Mother Nature designs using natural selection to come up with the best systems and models. This sounds like a pragmatic approach, but the outcome can, to the human eye at least, be perceived as exceptionally beautiful.

Looking closely at your own house- or office plants you can argue that they also have a positive impact on our fiscal health. Because plants enhance the amount or oxygen in the air, which helps us concentrate. Plants exhale humidity, which is good for our longs and eyes. Some plants even remove chemical vapours emitted by materials or devices like printers.

Uniformity versus individual variation One plant may appear similar to the next, but never really is. This is also the case with our designs. Patterns used in for instance handcraft techniques can look like they came straight out of nature. This is because the same basic mathematical rules apply, but still there is this slight individual variation between the final products. We like that.

We use modern technology and handicraft, and innovate time-honoured techniques. If handcraft is applied we cooperate with a Fair Trade company or local social labor facilities. So don’t worry about any exploitation.