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Circular colours

Circular colours

Case study | Can we use organic waste streams and local plants to produce colours and make natural fertilizer in the process?

Thanks to | BieDeBuuf Vegetarian restaurant for their organic waste stream

We want to produce the design Quilt Garden in different shades of colour, but only use colours that come from natural sources. We tried out a number of organic materials derived from organic kitchen waste and local weeds. After a while we got quite a number of different colours. We really want a nice green, a ‘nude’ kind of pink and a greenish blue. With stinging nettle as the main ingredient we can now make a variety of nice looking greens to dye the wool and reused textiles. With avocado skins and beet peels we get shades of pink, but we are still working on a greenish blue.

After the colour is substracted from the organic material we mix it with micro organisms and let it ferment in Bokashi buckets. This makes for a good fertilizer.

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