work with us

product development

We develop and manufacture concepts in commission. We love everything that has a link with nature and the local surroundings; like projects in public space, circular design challenges, and sustainable materials. We like to think along with you and create together.

Please contact us to talk about the possibilities.


If you have a store and you are interested to sell our products, don’t hesitate to contact us. Please tell us about your business; like your location and the other brands you sell.

You can download our product catalogue here.

interior projects

If you want to implement our designs into your interior plans, please contact us. We are interested to think along and in some cases develop custom objects.

You can download vector drawing and pictures of our designs here.

career or internship

We are not currently hiring. But if you are looking for an internship please contact us and tell us about your passions, experiences and goals.


Carolijn Slottje also coaches graduates and start-ups. If you’re interested, you can contact BNO (Dutch Association for Designers) to ask them about their START program.