Air planting

Air planting

Tillandsia is an epiphytic plant. This means it does not live of its host. These plants are also called air plant and don’t need soil to grow. They take their nutrients from the air humidity. In the wild they can be found in North- and Central America.

The design Air Planting consists of a handcrafted wire mesh specially designed for these plants, it makes it possible for the Tillandsia to get airborne and float around in its private sphere. The design also combines two subspecies of Tillandsia; these plants have almost no roots, but by combining an upright plant and a hanging one, it looks like a new type of Tillandsia with large aerial roots. Tillandsia’s of his species have a modest sometimes hardly noticeable inflorescence (if they flower at all). The design concept is based on what an alternative way to flower could look like.

Because of the open structure of the wire mesh clean air can flow through, it also makes it possible to mist the plant using a spray bottle.

Nice to know: The wire spheres are entirely made from copper, which has a good recycle value. The plant species Tillandsia has more than five hundred relatives of whom some are on the endangered list. The plants used in Air Planting are quite common and not in danger of becoming extinct. They are grown from seed or from little pups that grow on de side of the plant.

Most of the handicraft is done at a Fairtrade company in Eastern Europe, this means the workers involved receive fair wages. The remaining craft and handeling is done in the studio by ourselves.

We make the design Air Planting in 3 sizes and 10 colours. You can buy them in our webshop, or by contacting us.

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