air planting

air planting

Air plants are a plants that don’t need soil to grow. A special leaf structure makes it possible for the plants to collect water from air humidity, indoors you can water them with a spray bottle every now and then. In the wild these plants use other plants and trees for support. The design called Air Planting offers these plants support with a specially designed net. The design is being produced on a small scale in our design studio in the Netherlands and in cooperation with our fair trade production partner. Dutch Design in Development helped us select this partner. The design is completely hand made and inspired by different handicraft techniques.

Air Planting can be planted in a small pending jungle at home, but also in larger settings.

Interested in other sizes or colours for your project? Feel free to send us an email, we love co-create.

SLA Utrecht, designed by Nicemakers and photography: Teska Overbeeke

Protonencentrum UMCG Groningen, interior design: AAS Architecten Groningen, photograpy: Ronald Zijlstra


If you want to buy Air Planting, please go to our studio-webshop.  We make them in three sizes and ten colours.

Or, go to one of our dealers: find a shop near you. (Make sure to contact a seller before you visit, to be sure Air Planting is in stock).