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Case | Green workspace

N.I.C.E. (Noorderlijk Innovatielab Circulaire Economie) is an agency for innovation- and the implementation of circular business processes. The company had the desire to work in a green and natural space. And therefore an important factor was that all designs tell a circular story and that they define different areas in the open plan workspace.

Placing the Greenwall design Quilt Garden on the glass partition between the workspace and the office keeps the transparent character of the space whilst providing some privacy.

Walls that face each other all have patches of Quilt Garden Greenwall, which amplifies the feeling of being surrounded by nature. Next to the informal seating area three large hanging Asparagus ferns are placed to mildly shield of this part from the rest of the space.

The company is situated in a collective building and to mark the entrance of N.I.C.E, but also make a green statement before you enter, a patch of Greenwall is places on the wall next to the glass entrance door.

Photography | Ronald Zijlstra