Proton Therapy Center Groningen

Proton Therapy Center Groningen

Commissioned by | AAS Groningen

Thanks to | Proton Therapy Center Groningen (PTCG)

The Proton Therapy Center Groningen (PTCG) is the first to start applying proton therapy to eligible patients. Proton therapy is a new form of radiotherapy.

AAS Groningen designed the interior of the new building and part of the concept would be Air Planting floating about in large quantities symbolizing protons flying. The result was over seventy Air Planting leading the way from the reception area via the staircase, into the waiting area. Because this centre specializes in the treatment of young children, many parents spent tense hours waiting for their child to come out of therapy. It is a pleasing thought that these delicate floating plants offer just a little distraction from the trails life.

Photograpy | Ronald Zijlstra